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What if ONE simple process could extend your animal's healthy pain-free life
and reduce your vet bills forever?

Are you tired of paying for drugs, special diets and expensive Vet visits trying to keep your animals healthy? What if I told you that a simple 3 step process, that you can do yourself, can help your animals become vibrantly healthy and pain free?

Allergies, arthritis, diabetes even cancer can be overwhelming health challenges for not just ourselves, but our animals.  And in these  days of nutrition-free foods and pharmaceutical overload, it can seem impossible (and incredibly expensive) to help our animals overcome these challenges.  But there is good news … the solution is something you can do yourself! Supporting the body's ability to repair and rebuild itself despite the challenges of the modern world is the key to a healthy life.  To get and stay healthy really comes down to a three step process:  ** Cleanse  **  Nourish  **  Balance **

1 – Cleanse

The first step in any health program is to eliminate toxins and support the organs of elimination. When they are overwhelmed they body can't defend itself. This is when allergies, infections and diseases take root.

2 – Nourish

The second step in vibrant health is to Nourish the body. Without proper nutrition the body can't rebuild and maintain its health. The BEST nutrition is that which replicates what Mother Nature fed in the first place.

3 – Balance

True Health comes down to Balance. Structural, hormonal, immune, emotional - all these aspects need to be in Balance. All of these can be addressed energetically or physically - we help you decide which approach is best.

Animal Wellness Rants and Raves

Dolly is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi that was having shoulder problems around 4 years ago.  She wanted to go for walks but she limped after only a couple of yards.  So I would leave her at home and only take her for short walks instead of the long ones.  A mutual friend told me about ... [Read more]

On March 1, 2006 my mare Lady gave birth to a colt during morning hours everything look alright the colt was nursing in the morning, but we didn't witness the birth. We didn't know when the colt had started nursing. On Sunday I notice the colt favoring his right hind leg, so I went outside ... [Read more]

This is Hershey with hives. After two days on VivoZeoCompleteEQ they were completely gone.  The last time his hives lasted for ten months. I am so thankful I found this product.  Thank You. Terri Barney June, 2012


Hershey before VivoZeoCompleteEQ with severe hives.

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