It’s so easy to think that our animals are not affected by air quality because they don’t openly complain. But, just like us, their bodies work overtime to deal with smoke, whether it’s from wildfires or cigarettes. Here are some tips for your animals.

  1. If possible, don’t expose your animals. This means bringing them inside and/or into a sheltered area where exposure to wildfire air can be limited or by not smoking cigarettes around them. They will be affected by breathing the air just like people are, so avoidance is the best preventative measure.
  2. Limit other toxic chemicals during times of heavy smoke exposure. This includes vaccines, chemical wormers, harsh cleansing agents, and chemical insect sprays. Avoid, or at least postpone, adding any further stress to your animals until they are no longer burdened by the smoke.
  3. Encourage water consumption and provide clean water freely. They need water as much as we do to flush toxins out. For inside pets, offer distilled water and add Catalyst Water to increase the carrying capacity of water (allowing more toxins to be carried away from cells)
  4. Detox with Miracle Clay. Whether you roll a miracle clay ball in PGR, syringe it the paste directly in their mouths or offer a bowl of Miracle Clay water, use this wonderfully detoxifying, natural substance to pull toxins out of your animals. Learn more about Miracle Clay by clicking here.
  5. Supporting Nutrients:
  • CLEAN FOOD/GRAIN: Limit the toxin load on your animals by avoiding commercial foods that contain coloring, artificial flavoring, and preservatives. For horses, ensure any grain/feed is chemical-free, non-GMO, if possible and only feed simple, clean ingredients. Our choice is Pelleted Grain Ration (PGR), made in our own, trusted mill.
  • FOUNDATION SUPPLEMENTS: Dynamite Foundation Products are available for every species to provide the baseline for your animals’ daily needs. They work by building reservoirs of quality nutrients that your animal would get from its food if modern farming practices had not stripped our soils. Additionally, commercial food/feed processing generally destroys vitamins and enzymes through heat processing so even if your feed is “fortified” with nutrients, the only way to know your animal is getting them is by adding them yourself as a top-dress. Always include Dyna Pro (pre-biotic) with your foundation program to ensure your animals’ digestion is optimal and good microbes are flourishing.
  • DYNAMITE SOD (anti-oxidant): Smokey air creates terrible oxidative stress. This stress literally affects every cell in our animals and requires “anti-oxidants” to clean up the mess. One of the most powerful antioxidants is called Superoxide Dismutase, or SOD. Dynamite’s product, “SOD” consists of building blocks to help our animals make the SOD that is in high demand. Use the Human SOD version for smaller pets by breaking open capsules and adding to their food. Generally, we say 1 capsule per 60# for dogs and 1/4 capsule for cats and small dogs. For horses and larger animals, use Horse SOD.
  • DYNAMITE HISCORBADYNE (circulatory system support): Blood circulation carries nutrients to cells and toxins away. Supporting our animals’ circulatory systems is imperative in smokey conditions. Dynamite makes a product called “Hiscorbadyne” that can be used for every species. It is filled with body-ready Vitamin C, and a wide array of proven, plant-derived, polyphenols which support red blood cells and healthy blood vessels, while supporting the tiniest capillaries in their bodies (the place where oxygen and toxin exchange occurs). For smaller animals, use the Human Hiscorbadyne & open capsules to add the powder to food. For dogs, use the Hiscorbadyne for Dogs. Horse Hiscorbadyne can be used for horses and other large animals. The formulas are all very similar so if you have a horse, you could buy 1 horse container and feed it to all of your animals.


Are YOU concerned about your health in smoky air, too?
Click here to learn how to help yourself stay healthy and feel better until the air clears up.