It feels like the entire Western United States is on fire right now, filling our air with smoke. As our firefighters work to put out the flames, the smoke is traveling long distances and taking air quality to dangerous levels. Here is a list of simple things you can do to support your body through the smoke.

  1. This is pretty obvious, but avoid exposure as much as possible. Smoke and other particulates in the air are very hard on our lungs, so the first tip is to avoid breathing too much of it. Be inside as much as possible, change your home’s air filters, and do your best to avoid breathing the bad air.
  2. Protect your skin. The smokey air is as hard on our skin as our lungs. It clogs our pores and creates general irritation. Additionally, our skin is a large organ of elimination, so our skin will be a place to release toxins as well, which can cause hives, itchiness, and other strange skin issues. So, covering your skin with light clothing can help lower your exposure to the toxin load. Also, consider using organic, chemical-free products to limit your exposure to any additional toxins.
  3. Eat fresh, living, alkalizing food. A constant barrage of smoke, toxins and chemicals is very stressing to your body. Seek out fresh, living, wonderful food to eat. Look for green leafy veggies that will provide detoxifying, alkalizing and blood-supporting chlorophyll. Give yourself a leg-up and choose to feed your body the best you can find.
  4. Drink a lot of clean water. This is true even when air quality is good and it is absolutely imperative when your body’s toxin exposure is high. Further, we recommend drinking distilled water (or water that is as purified as you can get). Because water carries toxins away from cells and out of the body, it helps if it’s “hands” aren’t already full of minerals, impurities, and other toxins before you consume it. To ensure this, it needs to be run through a purification process. Distilling creates the purest water. Reverse osmosis is another pretty good purifying process to consider if dilatation is not possible. Other general filters will not remove enough impurities. When our toxin load spikes due to air quality, it’s a great time to step up to distilled water and give your body the cleanest water to carry away those toxins.
  5. Supporting nutrients really do help! An argument can be made for increasing every individual nutrient at times like this, but we won’t confuse you. Here’s our supplement recommendation: FOUNDATION: DM Plus and Tri-Mins. These 2 products combine to provide the baseline for your body’s daily needs. They work by building reservoirs of quality nutrients that you would get from your food if modern farming practices had not stripped our soils (this includes plants grown “organically” because even those farming techniques are not necessarily concerned about the nutrient content in the soil). In short, cover your bases.
    IMMUNE SUPPORT: Dynamite SOD (anti-oxidant). Along with the toxic burden of smoke, our bodies have an unusually high amount of oxidative stress. This stress literally affects every cell in our bodies and is generally “cleaned up” with substances that our bodies produce, called “anti-oxidants”. One of the most powerful antioxidants is Superoxide Dismutase, or SOD. Dynamite’s product, “SOD” consists of building blocks to help our bodies make the SOD that is high demand.
    CIRCULATORY SYSTEM SUPPORT: Hiscorbadyne. It’s always a good idea to have our blood circulating well to carry nutrients to cells and take toxins away. This is especially true when our bodies have added toxin pressure, like smokey air. Hiscorbadyne is filled with body-ready Vitamin C, and a wide array of proven, plant-derived, polyphenols which support red blood cells, healthy blood vessels, and strengthen the tiniest capillaries in our bodies (the place where oxygen and toxin exchange occurs). These plant-derived substances are proven to improve circulation of blood to keep your body’s self-cleaning system in good shape.
  6. Sleep. This may be the most important thing of all because if you are not allowing your body to rest long enough, you will cut short its cleansing and renewal process.

Do you have animals? They’re battling this smoky air, too!
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